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Ph-inally D-one, congrats Dr. Tran!

by Mai Ly Tran 'March 9th, marked with several reminders in my calendar "DEFENSE!" - A reminder that I probably would not have needed to remeber the big day. While writing this, I begin to realize : " Yes, I am finally done!" After 2-3 weeks of non-stop studying for questions that might eventually be asked during the general round of questions, the anxiety went away and calmness grew and stayed. Just until about 10 minutes before the big meeting, before quite a bit nervousnes rose. In a 90 minute long zoom online defense with presentation, questions regarding the thesis work and round of general questions on all about biochemistry, I was tested and graded before receiving a 'congratulations to your PhD!'

Freshly graduated PhD! Congratulations!

My Lab and the Burd Lab went all in and out to make this a truly happy day. I am grateful, for the doctoral hat (graduation cap), handmade with stickers, memories, funny moments all displayed on the hat as photos and crafts; the delicious cakes to share with everyone for a small celebration and a beautfiful colorful bouquet of roses - flowers, totally fitting to the name of the von Blume lab (Blume = German for flower)).

Thanks to all for making this happen!


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